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Next-Generation Ford Transit Connect Breaks New Ground in Commercial Van Fuel Efficiency with 30+ MPG


SOURCE Ford Motor Company

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

  • Ford brings an all-new compact Transit Connect commercial van to market, ideally suited to small business owners and fleets placing high value on fuel efficiency
  • Transit Connect Van is expected to deliver at least 5 mpg better fuel economy on the highway than Ram C/V Cargo Van while carrying more payload than a full-size Ram 1500 pickup truck
  • Anticipating up to 30+ mpg on the highway with EcoBoost® power, Transit Connect Van offers customers their choice of two fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines, two wheelbase lengths, two model series and an available CNG/LPG prep package
  • Transit Connect Van takes versatility to a new level with convenient sliding side doors, side-hinged rear cargo doors, a choice of side and rear window configurations, and an estimated 1,600-pound payload

With global commercial vehicle sales expected to jump significantly during the next several years, Ford’s all-new 2014 Transit Connect cargo van is set to provide cost-conscious commercial fleets and small business owners with unmatched fuel economy and versatility in an expanding commercial vehicle market.

Redesigned from the ground up, Ford Transit Connect cargo van drives and parks like a car, hauls more payload than a full-size Ram 1500 pickup, and delivers fuel efficiency unmatched by any other commercial vehicle in North America today – 30+ mpg on the highway.

“We have completely reengineered Transit Connect with North American business owners top of mind,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of The Americas. “This all-new cargo hauler offers entrepreneurs and fleet owners a unique combination of leading fuel efficiency, cargo capacity and maneuverability.”

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Chicago Preview: Ford Transit Connect Electric and CNG-powered taxi van

Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) naming scheme is becoming clear: add the word “electric” to a vehicle’s standard name and presto, you’ve got the name of your new EV. Example Number One: the Ford Focus Electric. Example Number Two: the Ford Transit Connect Electric, which will get its official North American debut at the Chicago Auto Show this week. The 2011 Transit Connect Electric will go on sale into production later this year and will offer a range of 80 miles per charge and a top speed of 75 miles per hour. The van’s 28 kWh battery recharges in six to eight hours.

Businesses that like the style and practicality of the the Transit Connect but don’t necessarily think a plug is the way to go can choose a Transit Connect version that is powered by Ford’s engine prep packages that burn compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane (LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas). This model, too, will arrive later this year.

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Ford, the leading provider of taxis in North America, is offering a fresh take on taxis at the New York International Auto Show.  Ford will reveal a fuel-efficient, nimble Transit Connect Taxi concept in the taxi capital of America.  A cavernous, easy-to-access interior marries the maneuverability and fuel efficiency of a small car, showing how perfectly suited Transit Connect is for carrying people and cargo through congested city streets.  Transit Connect provides another example of how Ford is leveraging its global product lineup.  Transit Connect is designed, engineered and manufactured by Ford of Europe.  It was named International Van of the Year when launched in 2003.


Chicago 2008: Ford brings the Transit Connect to America

Before the demise of Ford’s Windstar/Freestar in late 2006, the company – like its crosstown competitors – offered a cargo van variant of its front wheel drive mini-van for light duty commercial applications. There are many uses where businesses need something smaller and more fuel efficient than the full-size E-Series vans. It just so happens that Ford has what they felt was exactly the right vehicle in their European line-up: the Transit Connect. The Transit Connect is a front-wheel drive van with a profile tall enough to provide plenty of room for carrying lots of different stuff with easy access. At 6’8″, however, is still short enough to slide into any garage. The Transit has sliding doors on both sides and rear doors that open up 180o for easy access.

The Transit Connect is available with or without a second row seat. In the two-seater configuration, it has 143 cu.ft of space behind the front row. In Europe, Ford is currently selling about 110,000 units of the Connect annually, all with diesel engines. Unfortunately, the U.S. will again have to make do with a gas engine, in this case a 2.0L four banger which is expected to get EPA numbers of 19 city/24 highway. Those numbers are about 2mpg better than competing cargo vans from Chevrolet and Dodge and a lot better than any Ford E-Series van. At the preview before the show, Product Development VP Derrick Kuzak said that a full hybrid version would likely be too expensive for the market but a start-stop capability was being looked at. Perhaps a 1.4L EcoBoost would be a fine choice. Either way, the new van will offer some help to Ford’s truck CAFE numbers to offset a few of the E-Series and F-Series trucks. The Transit Connect will go on sale in mid-2009.

Gallery: Chicago 2008: Ford Transit Connect

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