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Last Ford Ranger rolls off line at doomed auto plant

Source: USA Today

The last Ford Ranger that rolled off the assembly line today wasn’t fancy: just a plain, white pickup destined for service at a pest-control company. But it did symbolize the end of an era.

The Ranger will be the last vehicle produced at Ford’s Twin Cities Assembly Plant in Minnesota, which offered high-wage manufacturing jobs for 86 years and produced everything from Model Ts to Country Squires.

While Ford has been hiring at its other plants, Twin Cities is being closed because Ford is pulling out of the small pickup business in the U.S. Over the years, the plant produced 6 million vehicles and most recently employed about 800 workers.

The last pickup is going to Orkin, the pest-control giant that was one of the best customers for the Ranger pickup.



Ford cuts in-car texting risk with ‘talkback’ Sync feature

Given that mobile phone owners treat their handsets like virtual umbilical chords connecting them to the digital space, it’s hardly surprising to note that they tend tocause road accidents while type interfacing from behind the steering wheel.

Bearing that in mind, we must applaud automobile giant Ford, which is attempting to reduce the risks associated with in-car texting by introducing a new feature that reads incoming messages to the driver.

The feature is set to arrive as an update to Ford’s existing Sync voice activation platform, which is already installed aboard all 2012 Ford models—although, for some reason, not on the 2012 Ford Ranger.

The feature works by using Bluetooth to connect to the driver’s mobile device, after which it alerts the occupant(s) each time a message is received, reading it aloud and even enabling the intended receiver to select from several stock replies by simply issuing a voice command.

Of course, the talkback message function is only likely to help quash part of the problem, at least insofar as there’s absolutely no guarantee it will dissuade drivers from responding directly to their texts by manually composing more personal and lengthy in-car replies.

The Sync upgrade will be made available today from the official Ford Sync website and is compatible with all Ford vehicles produced from 2010 onwards. To install the feature, users need only download the upgrade pack onto a USB drive and then transfer the drive to their waiting vehicle’s connection port.

Ford has said models produced before 2010 that are also using Sync will receive the upgrade in the near future.


New “Small” Ford Truck In The Works

By Jen Dunnaway


Ford’s Ranger will reportedly soon be put out to pasture, and with gas prices being what they are, the manufacturer is scrambling to replace its compact truck. reports that Ford’s new petite pickup, possibly to be named the F-100, will essentially be a 9/10-scale F-150—and considering how blimpy those have gotten in recent years, it won’t really be that small at all. But although it’ll share the body-on-frame platform of its larger cousins, the F-100 will score its owner considerable gas savings through weight reduction, mostly as a result of high-strength steel and aluminum components. But don’t expect it to hit the market until 2011. More at

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