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Ford to recycle 2 million plastic bottles back into new car seat fabric

source: Ford Motor Company

 The car industry continues to get greener – Ford Motor Company, through the use of REPREVE recycled plastic fiber, plans to keep about 2 million post-consumer plastic bottles out of landfills. Ford and recycled plastic innovator REPREVE will use the recycled plastic fiber in new vehicles beginning with the 2012 Focus Electric – the first vehicle to feature branded REPREVE’s seat fabric made from a hybrid blend of recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer waste.

The companies will collect bottles at events throughout the year, beginning with the North American International Auto Show and Consumer Electronics Show and convert them into REPREVE recycled fibers.

Ford states that the Focus Electric is the first vehicle with interior materials made of 100 percent clean technology, including the use of REPREVE recycled fibers — seating in each vehicle interior uses roughly 22 recycled plastic bottles.

Note: Ford’s recycling program is part of an effort to raise awareness that only 29 percent of plastic bottles are recycled in the United States – only half the rate of Europe.


The Ford Fiesta Will Dominate The Small Car Segment

source: Jalopnik

Everyone talks about how the Ford Fiesta will do against other compact cars. But now that it’s been EPA-certified at 29MPG city, 40MPG highway, we’re thinking it can take on bigger cars — and kick their asses.

We’ve run the numbers on the Ford’s newest entry to the compact car segment — the Fiesta — and put together the following chart comparing it to the top four highest-selling small cars (one size larger than the compact segment) in the U.S. marketplace. We think it explains very well why we think the Fiesta’s going to sell as well as we claim.

One note: Despite our undying love of manual transmissions, we have to face up to the market demand here, so for this comparison we’ve specified each car with its most miserly engine and automatic transmission, otherwise the cars are as basic as possible. Surprisingly, this favors the Fiesta as its new twin-clutch automatic transmission performs better in fuel economy tests than its manual counterpart.

There are certainly many factors not considered here including interior space, styling inside and out, buyer loyalty and all the vagaries which make the small car segment such vicious competition. Still, the Fiesta surprised us enough when we drove it to force us to wonder if due to the more lackadaisical efforts from GM, Honda and Toyota, they might be surprised to find the subcompact Fiesta eating their lunch.


Ford’s new Fiesta joins the exclusive 40-mpg club

source: USA Today

Ford Fiesta has become one of the few new cars to join an exclusive fraternity. Or is it sorority? Anyway, the new subcompact is now part of the 40-mile-a-gallon club. (We list the rest of the membership below).

With the six-speed automatic transmission, Fiesta was just certified by the Environmental Protection Agency at 40 mpg highway and 29 mpg city. The five-speed manual transmission model doesn’t do quite as well: 23 city and 37 highway. Still pretty darn good, though, especially with a starting price of $13,995 when Fiesta hits showrooms this summer.

At 40 mpg, Ford boasts Fiesta is five miles a gallon better than Honda Fit and four miles a gallon better than Toyota Yaris.

“The new Fiesta is yet another car in Ford’s lineup that delivers class-leading fuel economy,” said Barb Samardzich, Ford’s vice president of global powertrain engineering. The secret behind the Mexican-built Fiesta ?:

It’s the 1.6-liter Duratec engine with with variable camshaft timing, good for 120 horsepower and that impressive mpg.

Others in the 40-mpg club are Audi A3 diesel, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Honda Civic, Honda Insight, Mercury Milan Hybrid, Smart ForTwo, Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Golf diesel and Volkswagen Golf diesel. All get at least 40 mpg on the highway.


Ford to Debut Fiesta Ads Tomorrow in Small-Car Push (Update2)

By Keith Naughton

May 17 (Bloomberg) — Ford Motor Co., the top seller of pickup trucks in the U.S., is seeking to build credibility as a maker of small cars with a new advertising campaign for its Fiesta subcompact.

A Fiesta commercial will debut tomorrow during Fox television’s “American Idol,” and dealers will begin selling the company’s first subcompact in more than a decade in the U.S. this summer. Ford will introduce a redesigned version of its Focus compact early next year. The Fiesta and Focus were developed by Ford’s European operations.

“This is an opportunity to change the perception of the Ford brand,” Matt VanDyke, Ford’s U.S. marketing director, said today during a press conference in the company’s home city of Dearborn, Michigan. “We don’t have natural showroom traffic on small cars.”

The Fiesta, which starts at $13,995, is an attempt to turn around Ford’s history of making little or no money selling small cars to U.S. consumers. With rising oil prices boosting sales of those cars, Ford and General Motors Co. are rolling out models to meet drivers’ changing tastes while delivering a profit.

“It’s a very important launch for the near-term future of Ford,” John Wolkonowicz, an auto analyst at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts, said today in an interview. “If they can’t sell a lot of these, they’ll have to go back to the drawing board.”

‘Pretty Big Deal’

Fiesta commercials, with the slogan “It’s a pretty big deal,” will appear in the final four episodes of American Idol in the next two weeks, reaching more than 100 million viewers, VanDyke said. Ford is spending a “substantial” amount on the Fiesta campaign, which may be similar in size to promotions for Ford’s top-selling model, the F-series truck, VanDyke said.

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2011 Ford Transit Connect Taxi Compressed Natural Gas Car Technology

Yellow car taxi with elegant design technology that will be new era of city transportation in the world! The 2011 Ford Transit Connect Taxi will go into production and arrive in dealerships in 2010 as a 2011 model, adding to Ford Motor Company’s leadership in the North American taxi market. We will make some detail review and price list including interior and exterior pictures gallery that can make you interesting to this new taxi car design concept. Creating the announcement at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, Ford car maker also said it will launch engine prep packages on all 2011 Ford Transit Connect models – base and taxi – allowing conversion to efficient, clean-burning CNG (compressed natural gas) otherwise propane (LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas). The 2011 Ford Transit Connect Taxi, combined with an powerful engine modified by Ford to use CNG/LPG, is intended to meet that need. To further serve taxi operators, Ford will give required calibration specifications for the CNG or LPG conversion.

The 2011 Ford Transit Connect Taxi gives an excellent interior design package for people and cargo. Ford car Manufacturer Company is collaborating with Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT), to integrate premier payment processing and passenger information technologies in the Ford Transit Connect Taxi. Evidence of how this technology could work in the future is included in the Ford Transit Connect Taxi. The green taxi is not new at Ford car model concept that has been a leader in the taxi business for decades. Built on a dedicated commercial automotive platform and tested to Ford tough truck standards, the 2011 Ford Transit Connect Taxi – including gasoline-powered versions and those modified to operate on CNG/LPG – is planned to meet the extreme demands of taxi service.

Gerry Koss, Ford fleet marketing manager said that 2011 Ford Transit Connect already has proven that it provides tremendous versatility for commercial fleet use. The 2011 Ford Transit Connect taxi, combined with the capability for CNG/LPG conversion, further demonstrates its flexibility. Truly perfect taxi car for modern city transportation!

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Ford says auto future hinges on electric car


Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford closed out the SAE World Congress on Thursday with an endorsement of the future of electric vehicles.

“All the early cars were electric,” said Ford, great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford, at the engineers’ conference. “They’ve been around really for the past century or so, but they really haven’t had mass-market appeal.”

• Ford beats VW, takes No. 1 spot in Europe

But Ford said the automotive industry is rapidly changing.

Ford, an ardent environmentalist who worked for years to change the carmaker’s culture so that it would embrace environmental goals, said new technology makes it possible to introduce electric vehicles that appeal to mainstream consumers.

“It appears that the biggest game-changer will be electric vehicles,” Ford said during a speech in Detroit. “Our plan includes the introduction of five new high-mileage vehicles.”

Ford said the automotive industry must introduce more fuel-efficient vehicles in order to meet the challenges of diminishing oil reserves, global warming and a desire by customers to spend less money on gas.

“The majority of our efforts are aimed at fuel-economy leadership,” Ford said. “We want to provide affordable fuel economy for millions of customers.”

Over the next three years, Ford plans to introduce a Transit Connect Electric commercial van, a Ford Focus electric vehicle, two new gasoline-electric hybrids and a plug-in hybrid.

Ford also said the company is committed to improving the fuel economy of all of its new vehicles.

This summer, Ford plans to launch the Ford Fiesta subcompact car. Ford has said it expects the Fiesta will get 40 m.p.g. on the highway and 30 m.p.g. in city driving.

Ford also is introducing technology in the car to help drivers get the most out of their vehicles.

On Thursday, Ford announced that the company is adding a new feature for the company’s navigation software called Eco-Route.

Eco-Route will map the most fuel-efficient route to a destination and can help drivers achieve fuel-economy gains of up to 15%, the company said.

The feature is part of Ford’s MyFord Touch, a new system that controls all entertainment, climate and information systems in the company’s vehicle.

In addition to introducing new technology, Ford is gaining market share both in the U.S. and Europe. Ford’s stock closed Thursday at $13.76 per share, up 41 cents from its close on Wednesday and more than four times higher than its 52-week low of $3.27 per share.

The company, which typically reports first-quarter earnings at the end of April, is expected to report a profit of 30 cents per share, according to a survey of 12 analysts by Thomson One Analytics.

“Nobody is getting cocky, or overconfident,” Ford said. “Because, frankly, we’ve only taken baby steps on the long journey to where we really need to go.”


Chicago Preview: Ford Transit Connect Electric and CNG-powered taxi van

Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) naming scheme is becoming clear: add the word “electric” to a vehicle’s standard name and presto, you’ve got the name of your new EV. Example Number One: the Ford Focus Electric. Example Number Two: the Ford Transit Connect Electric, which will get its official North American debut at the Chicago Auto Show this week. The 2011 Transit Connect Electric will go on sale into production later this year and will offer a range of 80 miles per charge and a top speed of 75 miles per hour. The van’s 28 kWh battery recharges in six to eight hours.

Businesses that like the style and practicality of the the Transit Connect but don’t necessarily think a plug is the way to go can choose a Transit Connect version that is powered by Ford’s engine prep packages that burn compressed natural gas (CNG) or propane (LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas). This model, too, will arrive later this year.

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