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Bill Ford’s Better Idea: The Car In The Cloud

For all the high-tech gadgets and gizmos available on the latest automobiles –from collision avoidance systems to rearview video cams – our cars are essentially mobile versions of a 1981 IBM PC or an Apple II – dumb terminals disconnected from the grid with drivers, as The Police sang in the ‘80s, “packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes.”

But maybe not for too much longer. Get ready for the car in the cloud, Internet-connected vehicles that know when you’re sleeping, know when you’re awake and are plugged into social networks, traffic systems and even your home thermostat.

That’s the vision promoted by Ford Motor’s Evos concept car, a sleek, gull-winged plug-in electric hybrid that is as much a rolling iPhone 4s as a form of transportation.

“Even before you wake up in the morning, your car interacts with the cloud to help ensure you’ll have a great day,” intones the narrator of an Evos promotional video, sounding like a British-accented version of Apple’s Siri.“The car pulls traffic and weather information as well as information about your work schedule to determine what time you should wake up. Your car communicates through the cloud to your alarm clock.”

The car knows you were listening to, say NPR or Arcade Fire, with your morning coffee and continues the programming as you hop into the Evos sitting on a wireless charging pad in the garage. “As you pull away, the vehicle sends a message to the cloud indicating its time to switch the house to energy efficiency mode and close the garage door,” the narrator continues, noting the car constantly scans the cloud for social media updates from friends. On the way to work the car communicates with other cars and traffic control systems to reduce gridlock and plot the fastest and most efficient route as it searches for and reserves a wireless charging parking spot near your office. (See Evos video below.)

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2012 Ford Mondeo Details Leaked: Looks premium and mascular

British auto news publisher Auto Express has revealed some exclusive pictures and details of the 2012 Ford Mondeo, based on the Evos concept. Mondeo is expected to debut at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show and reportedly will be available next summer. However, some think it may be even debuted in the upcoming Detroit Auto show.

Torque News is not surprised by Ford Mondeo’s early coming. On August 25 Ford had invited a large group of reporters and auto journalists presenting the Evos concept. At the dinner I was sitting at the same table with J May who is the Group Vice President of Global Design and Chief Creative Officer at Ford Motor Company. May’s team headed the Evos concept’s design. Knowing some concepts never become actual cars or taking a long time to materialize we asked him how long before Evos becomes an actual car. His time frame was four month. We all thought that was impressive.

This is why the time frame of the Evos-built 2012 Ford Mondeo is not surprising.

The car looks mascular. With Evos concept, Ford is moving to the premium segment. It wants to make good looking and feel-good type of cars for an urban drivers at an affordable price. The company is aware what Audi and BMW are offering and Ford is gearing toward matching them.

Two distinct side lines and the narrow headlights make the car’s look very distinct. The roof-line is quite laid back. No wonder J May has received number of awards as Ford’s designer.

According to Auto Express “the range-extending 2.0-litre petrol engine and electric motors won’t be offered from launch, but will follow. This will allow for an electric-only range of around 50 miles and about 500 miles between fill-ups.”

Ford Mondeo Titanium is already getting a four cylinder engine. Mondeo EcoBoost will go on sale later this year in Germany. The images of the 2012 Ford Mondeo can be seen in the Auto Express referenced link above. The accompanying pictures here are that of Evos concept.


Detailed: Evos Concept foretells Ford’s future

source: AutoBlog

In the past few years, Ford hasn’t done too many high-style concepts. Most of its design studies have generally been previews of a future production model, with a few recent and distant exceptions. But the Ford Evos Concept stands apart.

Unveiled last evening and previewed here in Berlin, Germany ahead of its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Evos is the next step in the One Ford strategy, creating a new global styling language to go along with its new global architectures. Whereas the outgoing Kinetic design was a stylistic turning point for Ford, debuting in Europe and then slowly making its way to the States in the form of the Fiesta and Focus, the Evos is a clear picture of the future face of a global Ford. And while we won’t see a production model based on this 2+2, Ford’s head of design, J Mays, says we’ll be seeing the first roadgoing example of this new styling not in four years, but in a scant four months.

Four months? That’s Detroit. And if recent rumblings are to be believed, what you’re looking at is an stylized interpretation of the next Fusion. But in reality, the Evos isn’t that overly styled. It’s the exact opposite – at least according to Mays.

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