Mulally surprises again, delivers customer’s Ford Focus in Shanghai

source: EGM Car Tech

One of the many things Ford customers (very lucky few customers we might add) appreciate about FoMoCo is having CEO Alan Mulally deliver their car to them. Mulally, responsible for implementing the ‘One Ford’ motto at the Dearborn automaker, is know for randomly showing up to deliver customer cars.

While in town for the 2010 Beijing Auto Show, Mulally decided to head over to Ford’s Dongchang dealership where customer Harriet Luo was already excited to pick up her new Ford Focus. Luo received an added surprise when she realized the person handing over her new car was none other than FoMoCo president and CEO, Alan Mulally.

Mulally was also joined by Joe Hinrichs, president of Ford Asia Pacific and Africa, and Robert Graziano, chairman and CEO of Ford Motor China.

“This is totally beyond my expectations. Having Mr. Mulally, Ford’s global CEO, hand over the keys to my new Ford Focus was absolutely incredible,” said Luo.

Luo, said that she compared more than 10 models from different brands and she finally made a decision to buy a Ford Focus.

“I spent more than one month mulling over which car to buy. I finally settled on the Ford Focus, as my family and many friends recommended it for its quality and safety, and I really liked its design and driving performance,” she added.

“I was as thrilled as Harriet to hand over the keys of her new Ford Focus, and be part of her Ford customer experience,” explained Mulally. “Chinese customers truly appreciate our world-class lineup of Ford vehicles, and it was so exciting to welcome Harriet to the Ford family of customers and help start her relationship with the Ford brand.”

We’re guessing Luo will be a customer for life now. Good job Mulally.


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