Ford Motor’s “myFord Touch” – one of the most eagerly-awaited products at CES!

Ford Motor’s new automobile interface and dashboard design, called “myFord Touch,” which is scheduled to be rolled out the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, happens to be one of the most eagerly-awaited products to be unveiled at the event.

As per the information forwarded by the Ford executives, the launch of “myFord Touch” will make the analog gauges and dashboard buttons things of the past, giving way to full-color, touch- sensitive computer screens. Incorporating the updated, Microsoft-partnered ‘Ford Sync’ technology, “myFord Touch” will integrate voice recognition, graphic screens and touch controls on the steering wheel.

The new interface will feature nested menus, five-way thumb controls and an animated, 3D carousel browser. The driver will be able to customize most of the information displayed on the monitors, thereby allowing them “to be connected to an integrated world.”

Jason Johnson, one of the engineers who designed the interface, said: “MyFord really is about managing information. The steering wheel has all the necessary functions available in a very compact area, right where your hand falls as you grab the wheel.”

While Ford intends adding “myFord Touch” to all models across its product line eventually, the system will initially be introduced in the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX. In 2012, the system will be available worldwide in Ford’s most economical model – the Ford Focus; thereby reflecting the company’s move to “democratize” the high-end, safety-centered technology.


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