Ford F-Series Turns 60, Still Leading the Pack: Here Are 10 Ways America’s Top Truck Delivers

On its Diamond Anniversary, the Ford F-Series celebrates a tradition of leadership and innovation. For six decades, F-Series trucks have set the standard in strength, durability and toughness. Ford pioneered the pickup, gave it the first V-8 engine and Crew Cab and went on to create a brand that has been the truck sales leader for 30 years. For 2008, the F-Series raises the bar even further with ‘Built Ford Tough’ innovations and unmatched capability. Here’s just a glimpse of why F-Series is still king of the road: 1. More Choice – In 1974, Ford debuted the first F-Series Super Cabs, fueling growth in the personal use of pickup trucks. Today, the Ford F-150 lineup offers the industry’s widest variety of body configurations – including three cab choices, three box lengths, two box styles and five unique series. The F-150 is the only pickup with a four-door Regular Cab, so you can easily access up to 17 cu. ft. of storage behind the front seat. Ford further expands the leading lineup of more than 60 unique models and configurations with the addition of the 2008 Ford F-150 Lariat Limited and XL Super Crew. Why so many choices? Ford customers need different tools for different jobs. The competition only offers half as many combinations as the Ford F-150. 2. Powerful Pickup – Twenty-five years after the F-Series debuted its first diesel engine, the Super Duty is more powerful, quieter and cleaner than ever – thanks to the new 6.4-liter Power Stroke® V-8 Turbo Diesel. With its 6.4-liter displacement and dual-stage turbochargers, the new Power Stroke cranks out a maximum 350 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. For applications such as snow plowing that need the low-end muscle, it can produce its peak torque at only 2,000 rpm. And thanks to the precision of the Piezo-actuated fuel injectors, the engine will start in less than 2 seconds at -20F. The Super Duty uses Ford Clean Diesel Technology™ including a Diesel Particulate Filter to trap soot particles and is designed to use the latest ultra-low sulfur fuel. It burns cleaner, with less odor and helps the emissions system last longer. With particulate emissions equivalent to those of a gasoline engine with similar size and power, the 6.4-liter Power Stroke diesel is Ford’s cleanest, quietest truck diesel ever. 3. Unmatched Capability – Nearly 90 percent of F-Series Super Duty customers tow and even more haul with their trucks. Ford offers the only purpose-built heavy-duty truck platform, helping it easily lead its class in capability. Ford threw out the rules for heavy duty trucks with the first Class 4 pickup – the all-new 2008 Ford F-450 – built for customers who demand the most. The F-450 tows up to a whopping 24,500 lbs. (more than 12 tons), out-towing its nearest competitor by more than 8,000 lbs. and delivering class-leading payload capacity of 6,200 lbs. Among light duty trucks, no truck can match F-150’s 11,000-lbs. towing capacity or its best-in-class payload of up to 3,080 lbs. – a 1,000-lb. payload advantage versus the nearest competitor. F-150’s capability leadership can be measured down to the bolts. Ford has the largest, strongest bed and key suspension bolts in the segment to hold up to the abuse of customers who move extreme loads. 4. Eyes in the Back of Your Bed – The 2008 Ford F-150 and F-Series Super Duty are the only pickups with a Reverse Camera System that displays through the rearview mirror, a natural place for the driver to look while in reverse. The new system, mounted in the tailgate handle bezel, is activated when the vehicle is shifted into reverse. The wide-angle camera provides a bird’s-eye view of the trailer ball, while the built-in distance guide on the video display makes the system ideal for trailer hook-up or backing up to a loading dock. The system stays on for 3 seconds after shifting out of reverse, allowing customers to confirm the security of the trailer hookup. The industry’s only other truck application requires drivers to look down at the navigation screen as they’re reversing. The Reverse Camera System also is available on the Ford F-150, Expedition, Lincoln Mark LT and Navigator. 5. More Towing Convenience – Adding to the F-Series Super Duty’s towing abilities is the optional TowCommand™ System, which premiered with the 2005 Super Duty. It features the industry’s first integrated trailer brake controller and the optional TorqShift™ five-speed automatic transmission. The system continuously receives information from the ABS module and from the powertrain controller, and adapts trailer braking based on vehicle speed. Industry-exclusive PowerScope integrated power-folding and power-telescoping mirrors also help towers handle loads with more ease and convenience. The large mirrors extend outward up to 2.75 inches and feature a power-adjustable main mirror with a manually adjusted spotter mirror to provide greater visibility for parking and towing. 6. Tailgate Step – Ford’s new exclusive Tailgate Step is fully integrated into the tailgate of the 2008 F-Series Super Duty and virtually invisible when not in use. To use the flip-down step, simply drop the tailgate into the down position, grab the bottom step, pull it straight out and drop it into the step position – all in one easy motion. A unique grab handle folds up and out of the tailgate to provide extra support when using the Tailgate Step, supporting up to 350 pounds. 7. Fuel-Saving 4×4 Capability – Since Ford introduced its first 4×4 pickup in 1959, F-Series has spurred growth in recreational off-road driving and in the personal use of pickup trucks. Today, nearly half of all F-150 customers opt for 4×4 capability. The Ford F-150 features the segment’s only 4×4 system with integrated wheel ends, which automatically disconnect when the truck is shifted into 4×2 and re-connect when it is shifted into four-wheel mode. The system reduces fuel consumption by up to a half gallon per mile in 4×2 driving conditions compared to more traditional systems used by competitive trucks. 8. Storage Within Easy Reach – New for 2008, Ford’s innovative MidBox Storage System – a customizable box between the cab and bed – provides lockable storage for tools and other valuable items. The rugged, steel construction features double-paneled doors that are accessible from both sides of the vehicle and lock and unlock with the same key that operates the driver’s door. Latches feature double-bitted keys and lock tumblers designed to provide additional security. Dent-resistant exterior door panels wear factory-sourced Ford door handles for a well-integrated look and feature commercial grade sealing for a weather- and dust-resistant interior compartment. The MidBox option is available on F-150 Regular Cab and Super Cab models. 9. The Ultimate Tool Box – The 2008 Ford F-150 works harder and smarter with a new factory-installed feature that offers secure storage of all types of cargo. The base Cargo Management System comes with two side rails and four cleats. Additional options include a pair of bins, a pair of crossbars and a header bar. Extra bins and crossbars are easily added when extra capability and flexibility is needed. In the “Built Ford Tough” spirit, Ford engineered the system to handle more load and last longer than competitive systems. For example, the easily adjustable, cast-aluminum cleats can hold more than 600 pounds. Side-mounted, blow-molded plastic tool bins can hold up to 60 pounds and feature double wall construction. This provides a water-tight thermal barrier that keeps beverages cold when used as a cooler. 10. One Tough Customer – The highly acclaimed 2004 Ford F-150 debuted with a fully boxed frame to deliver improved ride, handling and quietness. Four years later, F-150’s frame remains the strongest in the segment and provides the foundation for improved durability, driving dynamics and ride refinement. With a driving feel that is designed to be plush yet connected to the road, the F-150 has a front suspension system that readily absorbs bumps but stands strong against steering forces. The frame also contributes to the F-150’s leading payload and towing capability.


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