Feedback on Focus

Media are starting to publish their drive impressions of the new 2008 Ford Focus.  Here are a few highlights from some of the first reviews:

  • “Already one of the top-selling small cars on the market, the compact Ford Focus gets a makeover for 2008 that should help boost its popularity. Although the new Focus rides on the same chassis as before, it has a new body, greatly upgraded interior, more air bags and some nifty new technology.” – San Antonio Express
  • “Small is the next big thing, Ford executives say. And they’re betting their redesigned 2008 Ford Focus — with its tech-savvy Sync system — will draw big crowds despite its compact stature … Sync should help the Focus make a few more shopping lists. It lives up to the hype.  And, of course, a good car will help too.” – Detroit News
  • “One thing is undeniable: the new Focus has literally stepped up a class in quality,” – FocalJet.com
  • “The 2008 Focus is a well built machine and the workers take pride in producing the car we love… give the 2008 Focus a chance. You will be impressed, I promise.” – Focusfanatics.com
  • “The new Focus is well-built, quiet and comfortable in the front or back. And it arrives at a time when compact cars are fashionable (again), as American consumers downsize their lives and upgrade their gas mileage.” – Detroit News
  • “What a change from the ’07!  … The Focus is very responsive, agile and even though it has a lower horsepower than, say a Mustang GT, it will hold its own on hills, dales and straight-aways. It corners nicely and the absence of almost all wind noise is a pleasant plus … if you’re buying a Focus (or one of the other 12 Ford vehicles that will offer [SYNC] by the end of the year) and you don’t spend the $395 to order it if it’s not standard in your vehicle, find a designated driver to take you to the nearest detention center…you’re not smart enough to be out in public by yourself.” — Sun-Times News Group
  • “One of the highlights of the outgoing Focus was the fun-to-drive factor. Happily, that’s one thing that hasn’t changed. Where the old car was bouncy and playful, the new one is a bit more mature and buttoned down, yet still involving and enjoyable. Driving on unfamiliar roads in Seattle, I didn’t have a chance to press the Focus to its limits, but I did take it through the bends at a pretty good clip and was impressed by how well it clung to the road.” –About.com
  • “Taking the Focus out for short drives this week reveals a much improved, more confident and competent car. Steering is more responsive, throttle input more direct thanks to a new electronic system, and brake pedal feel improved with new aluminum calipers (these also contribute to reduced weight). The stiffer body provides for a more solid on-the-road overall feel. The new Focus is also much quieter inside, with an interior design that is much improved.” – AutoPacific Vehicle Voice

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