JD Power CSI Results

The recently released JD Power CSI Study shows Lincoln Mercury and Ford dealers continue to move the needle on service satisfaction. The CSI study measures customer satisfaction with dealership service among new vehicle owners during the first three years of ownership.  The study, now in its 27th year, covers maintenance and repair work.  The overall service satisfaction score is based on six categories:  initiating service, service advisor, in-dealership experience, service delivery, service quality and user-friendly service.  Results for this year’s study are based on responses from 84,495 new vehicle owners and lessees of 2004-2006 model-year cars and light trucks.

  • Mercury was second among 23 non-luxury brands.  It moved up one rank position to 5th place overall, improving by 7 index points – just 1 point short of tying for 3rd.
  • Lincoln remains in the Top 10, in 8th place this year.  While it slipped from its 5th place ranking in 2006, Lincoln’s vehicle launches from 2004-2006 (Zephyr and Mark LT) are contributing positively.  We anticipate continued improvement as future studies evaluate our most recently launched – and highly recognized – vehicles.
  • The top performing brands were very closely banded:

                  BRAND         SCORE
          1. Jaguar     925                    
          2. Buick      918     
          3. Cadillac   913    
          3. Lexus      913
          5. Mercury    912
          6. Saturn     908
          7. MINI       902
          8. Lincoln    901
          9. Pontiac    900
        10. Infiniti    899

  •         The Ford brand gained 2 index points from its 2006 results. New model launches are trending positively. Ford’s 868 index-point score was        statistically comparable to the non-luxury industry average of 873.  Ford tied with Toyota and Chrysler, and ranked ahead of Dodge and Nissan. 

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