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 Lincoln navigator is a hit with online consumers 

 ·         If you are into style, luxury, and a great ride – don’t bother with the Escalade!”·        “Best value for my hard earned $$$!”  ·        “The Navigator is worth the test drive; you might switch from GM to Ford….I did.”·        “When I drive it, everyone looks at me as I drive by.” 

  Today, in the seventh installment in a series highlighting online consumer reviews of Ford Motor Company’s new products, verbatim comments on the 2007 Lincoln Navigator posted on Yahoo! Autos (www.autos.yahoo.com) and MSN Autos (www.autos.msn.com) are presented.  According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2006 New Autoshopper.com StudySM, 77 percent of new vehicle buyers consult independent online resources during their search for a new vehicle. 

1.      The Absolute Best SUV of 2007! – “I had a 1998 Navigator and it was my baby, but when Lincoln came out with the 2007, I knew that was what I liked.  The style is out of this world; not even the Escalade can begin to compare.  The funny thing is the Escalade now blends in with the new 2007 Tahoe and Suburbans.  It no longer stands out.  The Navigator also has the absolute best sound system with its theater THX sound system.  It sounds like I am in a movie theater.  If you’re into speaker systems, it also sounds like you have big woofers in it (LOL)! I got the top of the line model, the Ultimate with Elite Package, and it is just unbelievable.  It is so worth it.  It drives beautifully and its engine is so quiet you question whether it’s on at all. The Navigator is undeniably the best investment in a 2007 vehicle.  If you are into style, luxury, and a great ride – don’t bother with the Escalade!” – Tracey from San Antonio


2.      The Navigator Ultimate is the Ultimate Vehicle – “The Lincoln Navigator offers an incredibly smooth and quiet ride (much better than the Cadillac Escalade) with more features standard, and more features available. With all that is available, including the new warranty, you would be a fool to look at the competition. If you want the best luxury SUV on the market (as determined by Vista America) as well as the best vehicle made (all vehicle categories included), you will invest in the Lincoln Navigator as it is the best investment you could possibly make.  I also found that Kevin Inman at North Hills Lincoln Mercury in Hurst is the best consultant in the industry.  He is truly a professional in every sense of the word and truly cares about his customers. Allow this man to earn your business.” – Sarge from Lewisville, Texas


3.      Best SUV on the Market – “The best riding SUV I have ever driven.  I have always owned GM products, and was going to buy the Cadillac until I drove it.  I was not impressed by the sound system or the ride.  The Navigator has an awesome sound system and even better ride.  Nothing but the best went into this one.  I tow a travel trailer and do not miss the power that GM claims puts out 100 horsepower more.  The Navigator tows the trailer just fine.  The Navigator is worth the test drive. You might switch from GM to Ford….I did.” – Max from Portland, Ore.


4.      Best Value in a Luxury SUV Category! – “I’ve driven the Range Rover and Escalade.  I loved the smooth drive of the Rover and classy interior, but room is limited to five passengers. The Escalade looks nice and the engine impressively roars, but I was disappointed with the ride, handling and lack of space considering its size.  The 3rd row seats don’t disappear into the floor.  The Navigator drives almost as smooth as the Rover, handles well, has more features than I know what to do with and boasts the best leg room among all its competitors.  Let’s face it…I bought a ‘SUV’ to utilize in my everyday life, which means there are times when I haul lots of people and, at times, lots of cargo.  The Navigator offers all of this with a lot of luxury, convenience and safety.  The engine even consumes regular unleaded as opposed to the pricey premium/mid-grade engines of the competition.  This is the perfect SUV for me and my family! Best value for my hard earned $$$!  I don’t know what Motor Trend has been smokin’ when they failed to recognize the value and practicality of this model!  As for reliability, I’ve had three Ford Expeditions before with no mechanical issues, so I don’t expect any from this highly upgraded version.  If you’re in the market for a great luxury vehicle, don’t miss this model!  Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!”     Happy Navigator Owner from Las Vegas


5.      Don’t Make a Mistake and Buy an Escalade – “There were a few things that sold me on this vehicle. 1) Caddy decided that having a ‘performance sound’ in the Escalade totally turned me off.  I don’t buy a luxury SUV to have to yell over the exhaust note at my kids or to clients on my hands free cell.  2) OnStar – big deal.  Lincoln puts a keypad on the door so I don’t have to carry my keys around. 3) Fit and finish of this vehicle is second to none, the safety features and structural soundness of the Navigator is the best. 4) My wife laughed at the fact that she would have to choose between the 3rd row seat that goes flat with a touch of a button (Navigator’s does) or the Cadillac’s two 54-lb. seats that have to be removed to get a ‘flat floor’ (I use that term loosely, because you can’t get a ‘flat’ floor on the Cadillac). 5) The list keeps going; just buy a Navigator, you won’t regret it!” – Smarty from Dream Land, Minn.


6.      I Love my Navi – “I love my 2007 Navigator. It is beautiful, different, comfortable and has all the bells and whistles.  I LOVE the power liftgate.  It is very helpful when I am loading the groceries.  I love the sleek/flat style of the new rear entertainment system.  I really wish that Ford/Lincoln would have put the light wood with all the interiors.  I would have preferred a darker interior due to kids.  I love the Navigator and was limited to purchasing the lighter camel interior because of the wood grain.  The darker interiors (Black and Stone) sport a black wood which you can’t even see (why have a beautiful wood grain you can’t even tell is there!  As far as gas, you buy a big vehicle, you have to expect to pay a lot for gas; however, the Navigator engine takes regular gas instead of premium.” – Kim from Los Angeles

7.      The Cream of the Crop – “Everything this car has to offer is truly amazing! One underrated thing is the shifter. In the Escalade it is up by the steering wheel and looks like a truck shifter (looks very ugly in my opinion).  But in the Navigator, it is like a normal shifter you see in cars and it’s draped in nice leather and has a chrome strip which makes the whole car look that much better.  Unbelievable SUV by Lincoln that makes you ride in class, luxury, and style.  When I drive it everyone looks at me as I drive by.” – an MSN Autos Consumer


8.      Looks Much Better in Person – “Great luxury SUV.  Far better than most big SUVs out there.  Better ride than the ‘07 Cadillac and the Lexus.  Automatic 3rd row folding seats is definitely an advantage and the power liftgate that rolled out in the 2003 model.  GM finally caught up to it.  Great luxury SUV with more standard features than the competitors for the right price.” – Eas from Las Vegas


9.      GREAT VEHICLE! – “Best ride I’ve ever owned.  Great interior.  Handles like a sports car, very responsive.  Quiet, smooth ride, even with the 20-inch tires.  I looked at the Escalade and the Navigator.  The Navigator has all the features and luxury for less money. The quality is terrific.” – Ralph


10.  Righteous Ride – “Totally redone for 2007 at a very nice price compared to other SUVs. I have found nothing to dislike. A friend said 20-inch tires were stiff but that does not apply to my Navigator.  A very excellent SUV for a very nice price and it uses regular gas in the 2007 model.” – Easyrider from Essex

 March 29, 2007#   #   #


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