Software for Fuel Efficiency

People who drive gasoline-powered vehicles may be get better gas mileage soon enough. Sadly, it is not because gas prices are dropping. It is because of the possibility that a small software patch may provide. Engadget is reporting that Ford Motor Company and University of Eindhoven student John Kessels have invented a software patch that they believe will allow people to get better gas mileage.

John Kessels has been partnering with Ford on a project to make gasoline-powered vehicles more appealing to consumers. They figure that the gasoline patch could solve the problems of spending so much money on gas for your car. The software patch will send a message to the vehicle that will allow it to use the minimal amount of gasoline to operate. The patch would improve engine performances in your car and save an owner “up to 2.6 percent” in terms of miles per gallon. The process is actually quite simple. What the software patch will enable is the ability to dynamically switch the dynamo (which charges the car battery), on and off when it is inefficient for the engine to power it. This will improve the overall efficiency of the engine. Many experts are amazed and pleased to discover that all it took was a simple cable and a software upgrade to boost miles per gallon. The item will not be used exclusively in Ford products and will be made available to other car manufacturers as well.

From Peak Oil News & Message Boards


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