Feminine Point of View

When it comes to buying a new car, the difference between male and female consumers appears to be that guys focus on the basics – quality, reliability, safety, design, fuel economy – while women sweat the details. Men quickly figure out what they want and buy it, while women have longer lists. And savvy carmakers, acutely aware that women now buy up to 62 percent of all new cars, are responding by rethinking their advertising messages.*

As Auto Show editors, we were interested in knowing what the women thought of the cars at the show and there was plenty of feedback on the show floor.

We started near the Mustangs and overhead a number of women enthusiastically discussing the the Giugiaro’s Mustang’s bold, burnt-orange exterior. Apparently, it was a hit, though the interior “cowboy” styling raised a few eyebrows: “that’s cowhide in there! That’s funny – cowboy style.”

Women got practical at the Land Rover area. There seemed to be plenty of women checking out the safety and grandeur of the Land Rovers on display. There was a competition to win a two-year lease on a LR2 and we only saw women applying for that prize.

At the Volvo stand, women were asking detailed questions about safety and price, especially near the impressive S80.

The practicality theme continued over at Mazda where one woman asked of the dashing Ryuga Concept “but how do the doors open?” A good question indeed for someone that hadn’t witness the horizontal, automated winged entry.

Other winners included the Mercury Montego’s trunk capacity and the MKR’s “bright” interior cream leather.

*”What Do Women Want” http://www.ford.media.com, March 8th, 2006

From Ford Motor Company Global Auto Shows

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